Winners Of the Indigenous Literature Awards Announced

On Sunday, September 27, 2020, during the first Toronto’s Virtual Word on the Street Festival, the Indigenous Literature award recipients interviewed with Peter Olson, President of the PMC.

The winner of the Children’s Book Award was Clayton Gautier for his book: Sus Yoo The Bear’s Medicine, published by Theytus Books.

This is Clayton Gautier’s, a multi-media artist, second children’s book.  He brings the teachings of the land into this bilingual picture book. Nancy Cooper, (First Nations Consultant) writes: “In this bilingual story, a mother bear teaches her cubs how to live in relationship to the land. Emphasizing gratitude, interdependence, and ancestry, Cree/Dakelh author and artist Gauthier conveys the wisdom of growing up and cultural inheritance through the movements of a bear family.”

Read more in the Quil and Quire article, or the  My Prince George Now article.

In the young adult category, Drew Hayden Taylor was the award recipient for his book: Chasing Painted Horses, published by Cormorant Press.

Drew Hayden Taylor is a proliferate writer of books, short stories, plays, magazine, and news articles.  Read more in the Anishinabek News or at

“Chasing Painted Horses has a magical, fable-like quality. It is the story of four unlikely friends who live in Otter Lake, a reserve north of Toronto. Ralph and his sister, Shelley, live with their parents. One day, their mother brings home a chalkboard and installs it prominently in the kitchen. She wants her children and their friends to draw something every week, at the end of which there’ll be a vote as to which is the best artwork. Danielle, a small and quiet girl from school, draws a horse — a breathtakingly beautiful horse. And while she wins the competition, the reactions to her work set in motion a series of actions and reactions that will shape the lives of the brother and sister and William, Shelley’s would-be-boyfriend, that rarity, a bully who bullies other bullies.”

To view the interview, on YouTube. Begin at the 4:02 mark.

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