Periodical Marketers of Canada (PMC)

PMC is the national association of magazine and book wholesalers serving 20,000+ retail outlets. PMC was established under federal charter in 1942 for the purpose of furthering the wholesale periodical distribution industry and contributing to the encouragement of reading in Canada.

Members of the association are: Metro 360, Toronto, ON; Monahan Agency, Vernon, BC; TNG, Burlington, ON.

With the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage, PMC has successfully promoted marketing campaigns on behalf of Canadian magazines, including “Best of B.C. Magazines” and “Canada Reads Canadian Magazines.”

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The Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Letters (FACL)

Members of PMC proudly support our Foundation to promote Canadian literature and literacy. We have distributed some $200,000 in awards and grants to Canadian writers, literacy organizations, and other cultural industry groups.

The Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Letters has provided funding for awards and to assist the promotion of reading, literacy, and literature in Canada since 1976.

Through the FACL, PMC has sponsored awards for outstanding achievement in magazine writing and book authorship, as well as leadership in cultural policy. Award recipients have included Margaret Atwood, Pierre Berton, and Rt. Hon. Pierre Trudeau.


Aboriginal Literature Award

Through the FACL, Periodical Marketers of Canada sponsors the Aboriginal Literature award. This $5,000 prize is awarded annually to the best aboriginal authored or illustrated book, as chosen by an indpendent panel selected by First Nations Communities Read. The 2015 award was won by Julie Flett of Vancouver, author/illustrator of the children's book: "Wild Berries", published in English and Cree.

Spirit Bear, illustrated by Michael Arnott and written by Jennifer Harrington was the 2016-2017 award. Bearskin Diary, by Carol Rose Daniels was the 2017-18 recipient of the PMC Aboriginal Literature Award